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40K Radio – Episode 63: Ork-Riding Squigs

In this episode we get to hear about Amy and JF’s Adepticon Painting challenge. We then lose Amy in the warp and take a look at the latest GW preview and find out just how many Squigs Riding Orks JF needs.

About the Podcast

The 40K Radio Podcast continues to find its roots strictly in 40K and 30K Universes. While we love to play story based games, there is a place for both story driven gaming as well as competitive gaming and the show discusses both. We will have more interviews, segments on tactics, discussions on the advantages of certain units over other units, event coverage and community events.

We continue to foster a 40K Radio that is positive in both atmosphere and attitude. We hope to continue to build a show that is filled with constructive and optimistic energy. One that will bring the community together and talk about our toy soldiers with enthusiasm and joy.

That really is the goal. We live in the Golden Age of gaming – and we hope to continue to rejoice in how awesome our hobbies currently are and be excited about what is just around the corner.