About The Freebooters Network

The Freebooter’s Network presents a lineup of completely awesome podcasts covering the whole of geek culture. Selections include miniature wargaming, boardgaming, comic books, movies and history. This is your one-stop shop for all things “geek” — a space where people that love the same thing, that are like-minded and who have the same vocabularies come together to share glorious news about all things geek.

Podcasts operating on this Network will produce exclusive and more content for the fan, often offering a main show in addition to what is on the Network. Sharing our listenership will be a way to create instant success for new podcasts, to allow older podcasts to grow an even stronger listener base, and to allow former podcasters a route to revive their fan base that they have established in the past. Collectively the podcasters will have instant access to a large group of listeners, and fans will get more and better content. Therefore, the fans and the podcasters will build a larger community together.

The Freebooter’s Network will also offer its forum as we strive to make a community-oriented, non-threatening, safe and harassment-free environment. We hope it becomes the place where people that are tired of trolls and socially unacceptable Internet behavior can come together in order to communicate their love of the hobby, and where not only flaming and trolling are discouraged, but where positive communication is encouraged.

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