After Ullanor – Episode 5

The re-posting of After Ullanor episodes on the Freebooter’s Network continues with Episode 5: Fulgrim.

So tonight we look inside the sick and sad mind of Fulgrim (at least parts 1-3) by Graham McNeill.

We start off talking about the book in general, but then get right in with part one. The only problem is there are so many characters and so much going on in this book, we wound up taking longer to discuss things then we originally planned. So today we bring you the first 3 parts (15/25 chapters) of Fulgrim. A small disclaimer. My voice was a bit hoarse while recording, and after a while I was talking a bit slower and quieter. I hope this doesn’t ruin the overall show, as I totally didn’t mean to come across in parts sounding as if I had little or no energy. Maybe I don’t sound that way to you and I’m being too critical of myself, but I figure better to throw it out there beforehand so everyone knows…

So anyway, enjoy! We will see you in about a week or so with parts 4 and 5 of Fulgrim.

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