Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 12: Conan and Cosplay

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 12.

In our 1 year anniversary episode Joe and Tim try out a familiar accent, we find a very unusual use for plasticwrap, and Lathan becomes the unoffical spokesman for bondage tape.

We also give you a brief look behind the podcast curtain, recap our newest installment of Dungeons and Dragons, and get tested and find our real world alignments are pretty spot on.

In addition, Geeky Jean asks a cosplay question while Joe gives us way more than we bargained for, Celebrity Deathmatch pits Arnold vs Arnold in a time-travel slugfest, and we reach out to our listeners to choose a side.

And finally, Tim reads more erotic fanfiction that brings this show to an unexpected close as technical difficulties wipe Tim’s Sack from the recording. Oops..

Oh, and if you want to try out the D&D Alignment test for yourself, check out this link (and don’t forget to let us know how you did)

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