Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 23: Adepticon Live! 3rd Time’s a Charm

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 23.

In our 3rd Annual Adepticon Live Recording Todd, Eddie, and other fans show up when we bribe them with crappy games, Dev drinks tequila while we sing him Happy Birthday, and listener Lyn stops by and questions why women would settle for bad boob jobs.

We then try to chat about our time at Adepticon, Joe claims to run as fast as a Kenyan but ends up dancing with woofs, and Geeky Jean cuts in line to tell us what wedding gifts to get for our geeky newlyweds Chaos Dave and Alyssa.

And last but not least, Celebrity Death Match sees TNG face off against GNT, we find that any press is good press unless it involves sodomy, and then we witness the cruelest joke of all when we take another hilarious look into Tim’s Sack.

Armorcast Terraform Terrain - Game Well, my friends

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