Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 35: The Original Toxic Wasteland

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 35.

In this super-sized episode, we welcome Mario back after his 30-episode hiatus, find out Lathan might need an intervention for his gaming “addiction”, and we once again ask our listeners to fight each other for our amusement.

We then recap our trip to Columbus, Ohio for our very first Origins Game Fair, find out Dave’s obviously a big fan of doughnuts and beer, and Katie demos some new games while uncomfortably watching a marriage implode.

Afterwards, we discuss the rise of toxic fandoms, find out Neal Patrick Harris can play essentially any role, and Lathan rabbit holes once again and still can’t stop talking about his beloved DC.

And last but not least, we introduce a new segment in Shut Up and Take My Money, Celebrity Deathmatch gets downright radioactive but still somehow remains tasty, and Tim’s Sack has to put our listeners on hold while we all franticly scramble for answers.

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