Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 37: Quit Clownin’ Around!

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 37.

In this episode we welcome the Wappels back to the show, Katie tells Dave to go outside when she insults his “Stink Room”, and Tim gets in trouble with Katie and Cathy when he can’t tell his Kathryns apart.

We then talk about Reapercon and Protospiel, Lathan Skypes in from his bedroom when his car breaks down, and Tim’s wife Nancy tells us that everything sounds sexier if you say it with a French accent.

And last but not least, Geeky Jean does a balancing act, Shut Up and Take My Money gets squishy just in time for Halloween, Celebrity Deathmatch smells a bit funny, and Tim’s Sack tries to find out what you want to be streaming.

Armorcast Terraform Terrain - Game Well, my friends

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