Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 45: Leftover Candy

In our 5th Annual Halloween episode we learn the hard way that costumes and podcasts don’t mix, Tim forgets who’s responsible for our sweet, sweet podcasting money, and Dave’s pandemic solitude leads him back to Azeroth and an old gaming addiction.

Then, we find out once again who among the crew deserves the chalice of misery when The Addams Family Feud returns from the dead yet again. Third time’s a charm!

And finally, we plug a truly topical Halloween decoration, Geeky Jean plays favorites, and Celebrity Deathmatch ditches the glasses and milk to find out who’s actually super.

Oh, and don’t forget Tim’s Sack. It’s just scary the things we always seem to find lurking in there.. I’ll be sure to wear some gloves this time.

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