Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 46: Is This Thing Still On??

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 46.

In this long-awaited episode we finally manage to get the Crew back together in the same room, Tim finds a way to hurt himself in the manliest way possible, and Lathan forgets how to podcast while we’ve all been away.

Then, we all raise a glass for some interesting booze taste tests, Dave finds those glasses go down way too easy today, and Katie looks to refill her Netflix queue when she asks for everyone’s favorite pandemic playlist.

And finally, Shut Up and Take My Money hits the Rim, Geeky Jean asks a question she already knows the answer to, and Celebrity Deathmatch gets Marvelous with too many Captains and a premature Sack.

Oh, and don’t forget Tim’s Sack. I promise you, this one’s gonna be a tearjerker..

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