Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 5

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 5.

In this episode we take a look at the upcoming wave of X-wing models, rant about the random and expensive nature of collectable games, and chat about gaming tables on Kickstarter.

We also discuss our upcoming Dungeons and Dragons campaign, discover that our DM is a veritable Rain Man, and go off the rails and get nostalgic about the Herculoids and He-Man.

And this time, Mario digs deep into Tim’s Sack but finds nothing but demons. But if at first you don’t succeed? Try, try, again. And we don’t ever talk about Lathan’s trunk. But then again, I’m not sure I even want to know what it is he keeps in there.


As always, we would like to remind you that this podcast is uncensored and may not be suitable for all audiences. In all honesty, it’s not really suitable for ANY audience if you ask us. You have been warned..

But anyway.. On with the show.


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