Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 58: Rumor Has It – Adepticon #6 LIVE

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Anonymous Tabletop

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 58.

In this episode we’re back at Adepticon for another chaotic live recording, we toast and commiserate when we remember our missing friends, and find that it requires a tag-team when it comes to auditioning for a replacement Tim.

Then, we find out that “Robe Guy” has a fair amount of pull at this convention, we correctly make the assumption that all Canadiens seem to know each other, and Future Dave gets riled up once again as Lathan works on a Robot Tim.

And finally, Clint and Bite-Sized Tim try their hand at running Segment 3, Random Nonsense devolves into Random Chaos, and Dave leaves for a bit, and it only gets worse from there.

Oh, and don’t forget about Tim’s Sack. Sure, he’s not here but rumor has it that this one’s a killer..

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