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Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 56: Merry X-Mas Ya Filthy Animal

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 56. In this festive Christmas episode, we prove to everyone we’re far from role model, we let listeners know they absolutely get what they pay for, and Tim and Dave discuss the rule of three and butt cheeks. Then, we get filthy...

Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 55: Talking Turkey

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 55. In this absolutely stuffed Thanksgiving episode, Tim gets high and mixes up his TV presidents, Daves calls out some of our more lethargic listeners, and Lathan tries to get me to edit yet another podcast. Then, we talk about...

Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 54: Misery Loves Company

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 54. In our 7th Annual Halloween episode, we once again fire up the monster name generator, ghosts invade our studio light fixtures, and Dave helps Clint out with some pretty damn good film ideas. Then, Addams Family Feud returns...

About the Podcast

From the smoldering ashes that was the Screaming Heretic, a new podcast emerges. Their wish is to create a new society of devoted listeners and spread the word of gaming, movies, and all forms of geekery. Join the chaotic revolution that is Anonymous Tabletop.

The Crew

Dave – Playing games with street toughs at a very early age to make ends meet, Dave tried his hand at hustling in games of Monopoly. He still has nightmares of those early days.. Yet somehow, while very seldom winning, Dave still remains an avid gamer and willing to play any game you put in front of him. Dave is a huge fan of movies of all kinds but does tend to prefer sci-fi, fantasy and horror. Speaking of horror, he has always had a strange fascination with Halloween. Something about pretending to be something strange and bizarre really resonates with him. Somewhat fitting since he’s been told he’s pretty strange and bizarre the other 364 days of the year. For that reason alone, he’s branched out to cosplay and prop making year round.

Tim – MightyTim is larger than life and twice as pleasurable. Known for grabbing the wheel and steering the conversation off the cliffs of mundanity, through the valley of jocularity, and occasionally all the way into the deep end of Lake WTF. He is a mechanical engineer who owns and operates the 3rd oldest dental instrument factory in the United States. He has a life-long passion for Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, video games, Star Wars, 40K, Fallout, D&D, plastic models, scratch building, kit bashing, the occasional pseudo-recognizable sculpture, gluing himself to himself, and Fruity Girl Drinks (he even brings his own paper umbrellas). Only MightyTim is willing to screw up the space time continuum for a laugh.

Katie – Forced into military school at a young age, Katie quickly earned commendations for poor marksmanship and blind obedience. She retired from the army after an unfortunate friendly fire incident. She went to live in a tree house on a lush moon where she cooked exotic meals for her furry neighbors and sat out under the exploding stars while singing cheerful tribal tunes. Also, don’t get on her bad side..

Jean – Jean aka Jane Doe. My love for board games and table top games started from an early age. We would receive games for Christmas that the whole family could play: Raise the Titanic, Clue, Monopoly, Life, Solar Quest and Hero Quest to name a few. Add to that my love of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth and Fraggle Rock in my formative years and you had a recipe for a geek for life.

Lathan – Torchmaster/Gamer/Comicbook Guy/tech geek I am you average geek. It started with Lego blocks and computers them branched to the rest of geekdome, RPGs, tabletop and board games, Anime. You get the idea. Anyway this is a brief glimpse into a small section of my life. Enjoy the show.

Joe – Crazy evil ex-boss gamer nerd. When not painting mini’s, attending cons, or building the new and improved skynet for world domination Joe enjoys travels, the arts, and spending time with friends. In the past Joe started and ran a 40k/Hobby podcast called Screaming Heretic for a few years. Now he’s just a nerd with a mission…..

Rio – been role playing for 30 plus years either table top, D&D, Shadow Run, Rifts, Star Frontiers and so on. Got into LARP for about 12 years and ran a Region for the Camarilla back in the day. I have only been into War Gaming for 3 years but enjoy all parts of the hobby. Really trying to learn more about painting and modelling. These days I just try to fit my hobby into my busy work schedule so that is about all!


Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 52: Don’t Have a Cow, Man!

Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 52: Don’t Have a Cow, Man!

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 52.

In this much delayed episode we finally get the gang back together, well sorta, Katie brings us back in with her best NPR voice, and Dave discusses the thought experiment of Schrodinger’s beer.

Then, we catch up on Lathan’s hobby updates, that runs so long we need an intermission break, and then he makes up for it when he offers up a brand new game in an impromptu giveaway.

And finally, Lathan breaks out his best sales pitch for One Page Rules, Jean proves that we actually do fact check once in a while, and Dave goes off on a spoiler-filled Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness rant.

Oh, and then we play the party game Herd Mentality. Sort of forgot about that. Yep, it’s a gameshow!

Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 52: Don’t Have a Cow, Man!

Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 51:Adepticon Live Recording #6 – Under Pressure

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 51.

In this episode we finally find ourselves back at Adepticon for a live recording, Katie kicks it off with a Robe Guy introspective, and Dave finds that his word of the day proves very fitting for this recording.

Then, Mark decides to introduce everyone to Malort. Yep, that’s pretty much it. Remember what Dave said about his word of the day? Prepare to revel in our misery.

And finally, we begin to pay the price for tempting fate with Malort and we decide to skip our regularly scheduled program to bring you Golden Demon painting hour with pro painters Ben, Matt, and Mark.

Oh, and Tim’s Sack? That shriveled up this episode and was a no show. Thanks, Malort…

Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 52: Don’t Have a Cow, Man!

Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 50: Fifty Nonsense

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 50.

In this milestone 50th episode we somehow manage to get the entire Band back together, Joe and Dave get into the literal holiday spirits, and we recount some of our favorite moments from the past 50 episodes.

Then, we catch up on some hobby updates, manage to fend off an attack from a pack of Joe’s Wooves, and Dave breaks into a rant about binging, social media, and trying to avoid spoilers.

And finally, Shut Up and Take My Money gets sweaty, Geeky Jean explores our geeky holiday traditions, and Santa returns to Celebrity Deathmatch hoping to clean out a few vents.

Oh, and don’t forget about Tim’s Sack. This time it’s stuffed with more than a bit of holiday cheer..

Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 52: Don’t Have a Cow, Man!

Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 49: Welcome to the Horror Show

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 49.

In this 6th Annual Halloween episode, we return to our roots with some rather fitting monster names, Tim shows off his inner sous-chef, and Dave’s forced to rush through his hobby updates yet again.

Then, Addams Family Feud once again rises from the dead, Jean picks up a rather unfortunate new nickname, and we find out that Dave must have learned his math skills from Jane Goodall.

And finally, Shut Up and Take My Money hits the Halloween runway, Geeky Jean takes a breather after all those knuts, and Celebrity Deathmatch finds itself in a bit of a rough patch.

Oh, and don’t forget about Tim’s Sack. Even when he has to leave early we find out it’s still just as spicy in his absence..

Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 52: Don’t Have a Cow, Man!

Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 48: Fake It Til We Make It

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 48.
In this episode we try to be welcoming to any new listeners but fail miserably, Lathan runs late and Dave “accidently” forgets to turn on his mic, and Dev Skypes in only to run into more technical difficulties.

Then, we try our hand at another game show when we play Fake News or Not, discuss the concept of “partial” listeners, and Dave quickly realizes his mistake when the game show devolves into who can irritate him the most.

And finally, Shut Up and Take My Money gets alienated, Geeky Jean gets curious, and Celebrity Deathmatch proves itself to be downright artificial.

Oh, and don’t forget about Tim’s Sack. It’s nothing to get too excited about. No matter how much we try to fake it…

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