Cheated Fates Radio Podcast – Episode 3

We Are Back! Today we have some guests visiting the show. Ian Nelson, Arash Afghahi, and Alex Schmid all stop by and chat with Joe and Adam about the State of US Malifaux Tournaments. We take a look back at the years of Malifaux 1/1.5 tournaments up until now, 4 books into Malifaux 2E (M2E). Has the tournament scene changed, grown, matured? You’ll have to take a listen to find out as we discuss formats (1-day vs. 2-day), painting, rules, clean play, etc. We do this all as everyone on the show prepares to head out to CaptainCon for what may be one of the (if not the) largest Malifaux tournaments in the US! We hope you enjoy some chatter and perspective from our panel. 

  • CaptainCon site can be found here 
  • Alex Schmid YouTube channel can be found here 

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