Cheated Fates Radio Podcast – Episode 4: ITC US Team B

Joe and Adam are back. In this episode the guys talk about the Malifaux ITC happening the weekend of May 20th in Manchester UK. There are two US teams attending, Adam and his teammates (minus Dave) all hop on and talk plans, predictions, thoughts and a little friendly trash talk against the other US team. The other US team did a similar cast last week on the Max value podcast. Sit down and take a listen.

Malifaux ITC May 20/21
– MusOnCon May 26/27
– Capital City Meltdown June 24/25 Laurel Maryland 
– Ultimate Team Showdown (UTS) July 15/16 Newton MA
– Live Free or Die Cheating 2017 Oct 7/8 Manchester NH USA
– Michigan GT 2017 Oct 7/8
– BKFaux VII Oct 21/22 2017
– Geek Nation Tours UK Tour

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