Cheated Fates Radio Podcast – Episode 9 (47): UTS Info, Official Wyrd App Discussion, and CCM 2018 Recap

Adam and Joe are BACK with another episode. This time around we are joined by our good friend Josh Hankin, organizer extraordinaire of the Ultimate Team Showdown (UTS). We open up with some standard banter, but quickly dive into talking about the UTS and why its an event every Malifaux player around the world should attend. It’s located just outside of Boston, MA, USA and occurs July 13 – 15th. We then move on to a discussion about the Official Wyrd Malifaux app and our feelings on it in tournament play. Finally Josh and Adam go over the 5 round tournament they attended in Laurel, Maryland called Capital City Meltdown (CCM) and their journey in attempting to obtain the coveted Iron Scorpius for its inaugural year. Sit back and enjoy!
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