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Cheated Fates Radio is a positive, upbeat cast focusing on all aspects of the game of Malifaux by Wyrd Miniatures™. Hosts Joe and Adam have been avid Malifaux players involved in the game since it broke into the miniature wargaming scene in 2009. Each episode features unique topics covering tactics, rules and Malifaux fiction. Claiming to be the longest continually running Malifaux podcasts, the show’s goal is to excite and inspire all player types; from the Iron Painters to the Avatars on the battlefield the show provides a unique perspective.

The shows format is that of friends reminiscing about recent games over a few beers. Hobby, Announcements and Gaming are covered as part of a the HAG™  (Mama Zoraida would be proud). Topics that are hot in the worldwide Malifaux scene as well as a dedicated rule of the episode are discussed. Occasional guest hosts from Wyrd Miniatures™, others players, Tournament Organizers and Wyrd Henchman will stop by and discuss new rules, events, models, and releases.

…And remember when you don’t have time to Cheat Fate, listen to Cheated Fates Radio!


Cheated Fates Radio Podcast – Episode 9 (47): UTS Info, Official Wyrd App Discussion, and CCM 2018 Recap

Adam and Joe are BACK with another episode. This time around we are joined by our good friend Josh Hankin, organizer extraordinaire of the Ultimate Team Showdown (UTS). We open up with some standard banter, but quickly dive into talking about the UTS and why its an event every Malifaux player around the world should attend. It’s located just outside of Boston, MA, USA and occurs July 13 – 15th. We then move on to a discussion about the Official Wyrd Malifaux app and our feelings on it in tournament play. Finally Josh and Adam go over the 5 round tournament they attended in Laurel, Maryland called Capital City Meltdown (CCM) and their journey in attempting to obtain the coveted Iron Scorpius for its inaugural year. Sit back and enjoy!
– Ultimate Team Showdown (FB | Wyrd | Email)

Cheated Fates Radio Podcast – Episode 7

Adam, Arash, and Joe are back. We’ve even given you some sultry music to open up with before diving in (if you want to skip it go to the ~2:45 mark).
In this episode we open up with some general gaming and hobby achievements and recap Arash’s experience at the NoVA Open in Crystal City Virginia as well as hear from Adam about Live Free or Die Cheating in Manchester, New Hampshire. The end of the episode is a mix between upcoming events (some which may have already happened) as well as our off the cuff remarks regarding the state of the game and the future with Gaining Grounds 2018.

Cheated Fates Radio Podcast – Episode 6: Then There Were Three

Joe and Adam are back with a new episode. In this episode we talk about upcoming events and what we’ve been up to in a very open format. We introduce a new addition to the show, Arash Afghahi (@Arash_Suri). Our main topic is a little bit all over the place, but we do discuss what Arash is planning for NoVA and how well we expect him to do. We also spend a fair amount of time lamenting what we think needs a few changes in the game. And last but not least we weave in a few comments about the Wave 5 models/upgrades. Hope you enjoy and as always look forward to any feedback.


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Please excuse the slight audio change around the 21:10 mark we had a minor audio fix and it caused a change in some volumes. With that said, we hope you enjoy and remember when you don’t have time to cheat fate, listen to Cheated Fates Radio.

Cheated Fates Radio Podcast – Episode 5: Ultimate Team Showdown 2017 Recap

…and we are back. Joe and Adam return after a short hiatus to discuss various topics, with a recap of the Ultimate Team Showdown team tournament in Newton MA, USA. A few other events are discussed but Adam dives into some of his games and reviews the format of UTS and how it compares to things like the International Team Tournament he attended in the UK back in May. Sit back and relax this is a 2+ hour episode filled with the usual antics!

Here are some photos from the UTS. More information about the UTS can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Various upcoming events are mentioned and more information on them are listed below:

Cheated Fates Radio Podcast – Episode 4: ITC US Team B

Joe and Adam are back. In this episode the guys talk about the Malifaux ITC happening the weekend of May 20th in Manchester UK. There are two US teams attending, Adam and his teammates (minus Dave) all hop on and talk plans, predictions, thoughts and a little friendly trash talk against the other US team. The other US team did a similar cast last week on the Max value podcast. Sit down and take a listen.

Malifaux ITC May 20/21
– MusOnCon May 26/27
– Capital City Meltdown June 24/25 Laurel Maryland 
– Ultimate Team Showdown (UTS) July 15/16 Newton MA
– Live Free or Die Cheating 2017 Oct 7/8 Manchester NH USA
– Michigan GT 2017 Oct 7/8
– BKFaux VII Oct 21/22 2017
– Geek Nation Tours UK Tour

Cheated Fates Radio Podcast – Episode 3

We Are Back! Today we have some guests visiting the show. Ian Nelson, Arash Afghahi, and Alex Schmid all stop by and chat with Joe and Adam about the State of US Malifaux Tournaments. We take a look back at the years of Malifaux 1/1.5 tournaments up until now, 4 books into Malifaux 2E (M2E). Has the tournament scene changed, grown, matured? You’ll have to take a listen to find out as we discuss formats (1-day vs. 2-day), painting, rules, clean play, etc. We do this all as everyone on the show prepares to head out to CaptainCon for what may be one of the (if not the) largest Malifaux tournaments in the US! We hope you enjoy some chatter and perspective from our panel. 

  • CaptainCon site can be found here 
  • Alex Schmid YouTube channel can be found here 

Cheated Fates Radio Podcast – Special Kickstarter Episode

Aaron, lead designer of the Other Side, a brand new game from Wyrd Miniatures on Kickstarter now joins to answer our questions and talk all about this exciting new game and Kickstarter campaign from Wyrd Miniatures.Link
Thank you to Wyrd and Aaron

Cheated Fates Radio Podcast – Episode 1

We are back and We are finally in our new diggs Pardon our moving dust as we introduce ourselves on to the Freebooters Radio Network. Adam and I are happy to be here bring you all the fun of Malifaux in a friendly conversational manor over a few brews. In tonight’s episode we talk about book 4 and its current impact on our hobby. We talk about Gaining Grounds 2017 coming and Wyrd has a kickstarter coming in Just days for the new miniature Game The Other Side. Sit down, pour yourself a nice beverage, and get ready to feel the Cheated Fates Radio invasion of the Freebotters Network.

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