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Hero Man and Sidekick Boy – Issue 34: Sports

Happy new year from the comics cave! Andy and Ian talk about current reads such as Marneus Calgar (of Warhammer fame), break down the doors of Arkham Asylum with the Bat and talk a little Alpha Flight with a focus on Puck.

Hero Man and Sidekick Boy – Issue 33: Squeaks and Geeks

In this installment of monthly comic book chatter Andy and Ian discuss X-Force, Hellions, Star Wars Vader and Bounty Hunters, We Only Find Them When They’re Dead and Immortal Hulk. They also review Saga of the Swamp Thing by Alan Moore and look into what makes the...

About the Podcast

Hero Man and Sidekick Boy features comic book nerds Andrew Howard and Ian Clark discussing all things comics. Each episode the guys will talk about their current reads, break down a story arc or trade paperback from the past and give you the lowdown on characters you might not know that well.

Ian Clark has owned comics since before he could even read them, starting with the first issue of Star Wars. His favorite series include Astro City and GI Joe and his favorite characters are Batman, Moon Knight, Green Arrow and Wolverine. He lives in the capital region of New Hampshire with his wife and two boys.

Andy Howard has always been an avid reader and comics are just another medium that he enjoys. His favorite comics always start with a good story.

Andy remembers buying random comics in bulk from yard sales. These were mostly Tales of the Strange and other similar titles.

The first new comic Andy remembers buying was at a LaVerdiere’s Super Drug Stores in Norway ME. Most likely a Superman title but it was so long ago he can’t be sure.

Years later Andy would ride his bike to the local comic book store. This was around the time Spawn premiered and was one of the tiles he collected.

After college Andy discovered trades while working at a Barnes & Noble. During breaks Andy would read through the classics. For the next few years Andy continued to collect popular trades.

With the advent of digital comics Andrew started collecting individual comics in earnest. Digital comic have made it easy for Andy to stay current on new issues and try out new titles. Andy still likes to pick up paperbacks at brick and mortar stores. And will look for deals on trades when he is at a bookstore.


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