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The It Will Not Die Podcast is excited to be a part of the Freebootaz Network to share our love for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. We will be releasing 8 of The Looted Episodes over the next year. Each episode will have special guests from all over the world talking about why AoS is so great, what we can do to make it better, and ways to get the models on the table to look amazing. We also release 25 episodes per year covering more game systems including 40k, Warmahordes, 30k, and Kings of War. You can find our regular released episodes at


It Will Not Die Podcast Presents – Episode 20: Ulterior Motives in Frostgrave

We are finally back on the airwaves and into your ears! Join us as Justin and special guest Teras Cassidy discuss the soon to be released Frostgrave expansion Ulterior Motives. We talk about our first impressions of the new cards and rules, as well as our thought and ideas on fun ways to incorporate them into your Frostgrave Narrative.

And as usual, we have a good long chat about hobby progress as well as some Perils of the Wallet.

We’re definitely excited about this new expansion, and can’t thank Osprey Games enough for the early look!

It Will Not Die Podcast Presents – Episode 18: Grave Digging in Frostgrave

After far too long of a break, we’re back and excited to talk about the game that has been invading our hobbyspaces. Frostgrave is an exciting skirmish style wargame focusing on warbands and campaigns, with huge amounts of freedom to tackle all areas of the hobby from conversions, terrain building, and painting. I know, it’s like it’s a game designed specifically for Justin!!

Some Frostgrave links:

North Star Magazine

Forgotten Pacts “Nickstarter”

Treasure Tokens

It Will Not Die Podcast Presents – Episode 17

Episode 17 – The Secret World of BloodBowl

We’re back with episode 17 to talk about the secret world of Bloodbowl with a variety of guests including:
Grant from Nufflecast
Jody from the G3 Santa Cruz group
A smattering of attendees and the organizer of the Pow Town Bloodbowl tournament.
We’ll be back in a couple weeks to talk about niche microhobbies within the wargaming world.

It Will Not Die Podcast Presents – Episode 16

It Will Not Die Podcast Episode 16: Army Painting
In this episode we have 2 returning guests, Adam from Masters of the Forge, and Brian from Splintermind. After a long hobby progress segment, we talk about how army painting differs from painting single models. We also have some great tips on how to speed up your painting process, and discuss how subassemblies may help you out.

It Will Not Die – Review: Warhammer Quest Silver Tower

In this super special episode, Justin reviews the brand new Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Board Game. We are joined by guest Brad Post and Nick Anderson as they discuss their first impressions of playing this fantastically well remade game. We also take time to discuss how this game compares to other Dungeon Crawler style board games. A special thank you goes out to Games Workshop for supplying us with this pre-release of the board game. Spoiler: We thought this game was a blast and can`t wait to play it again. We even convinced Brad who left GW games after AoS was released (we know you all have one of those friends too) that GW is still putting out fantastic products!

It Will Not Die Podcast Presents – Episode 15

We’re back with Episode 15 where we cover 2 events. First, Astronomicon in Toronto Ontario Canada, then Fauxpocalypse from Calgary Alberta.

Also, this is our official first full time episode as part of the awesome Freebooters Network.

Hobby Progress
Astronomicon coverage
-with returning guests Jason and Alex
Fauxpocalypse coverage

It Will Not Die Podcast Presents – Episode 1: Hero Phase

In Episode 1 of the Hero Phase Podcast, Justin and Tim from the It Will Not Die Podcast explain who they are, what Hero Phase is all about, and share their love of Age of Sigmar. They are also joined by our friend Alex to review the General’s Compendium. While this lost tome is 13 years old, it is just as relevant to AoS as it was to 6ed WFB. They also share a homemade map based campaign system.

For access to the campaign guide, and other information, please refer to the It Will Not Die Podcast main page

The episode can be downloaded directly from the following link, or automatically downloaded if you have already subscribed to the RSS feed through iTunes or any other feed reader.

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