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The Freebooter’s Network presents a lineup of completely awesome podcasts covering the whole of geek culture. Selections include miniature wargaming, boardgaming, comic books, movies and history. This is your one stop shop for all things Geek…

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40K Radio – Episode 101: The Not-Warhammer 40K Preview

In this episode  we take a look at the Not-Warhammer 40K preview and our hopes for Legion Imperialis. We also talk about our experience with 10th edition so far and how we hope this edition develops in the coming year.

Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 60: Stop Hitting Yourself!

Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 60: Stop Hitting Yourself!

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 60. In this milestone episode the crew goes a bit too far and breaks the Multiverse, Tim returns to the show but there’s something just a bit off about him, and Lathan talks about recording from a brand new perspective. Then, in...

40K Radio – Episode 99: LEVIATHAN

10th edition approaches! In this episode we take a look at the Leviathan box and the 40K 10th edition rules as well as the final faction focus articles on the Warhammer Community website. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Warhammer Workshop for additional 10th...

Armorcast Terraform Terrain - Game Well, my friends

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