After Ullanor – Episode 0

The Freebooter’s Network is proud to announce that the long running After Ullanor podcast has become the latest member of the network. This is a re-post of the original first episode of After Ullanor:

Greg Dann came to me with an idea for covering the books of the Horus Heresy (which we both love) in an in depth style. This was a great idea and, and as usually happens with great ideas, it got shelved for about six months. Totally my fault. Just never found the time.

But here we are and here is our first episode!  Now, I have when people number their things starting with zero because it isn’t really an episode number is it? It’s a place holder. But that’s kind of what this episode is. In this episode Greg and I talk about how the show came to be, and then cover the Warhammer 40K timeline up to the battle of Ullanor, which seems to be the place where the Heresy really begins…at least in the books.

So if your a fan of The Horus Heresy we invite you to listen and also to join in the discussion. If you’re “40K Curious” and you like the fluff behind your games, you may find yourself drawn in just as I did.

Anyway, please give a listen and let us know what you think.


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