After Ullanor – Episode 4.1

The re-posting of After Ullanor episodes on the Freebooter’s Network continues with Episode 4.1: Remembering the Eisenstein.

So on this listener feedback episode we have quite a bit of discussion of The Flight of the Eisenstein. We got more feedback on this episode than on our previous episodes. We aren’t certain if it’s because we have more listeners or because so many people like this installment in the Horus Heresy, but we are happy either way!

After some Eisenstein discussion, Greg talks about his recent experience at the Black Library Weekender. I’m not going to even try to hide that I’m jealous that this doesn’t “tour” like Games Day does. I’d LOVE to go to one of these.  Anyway, after the main part of the show, Greg managed to get an interview with Laurie Goulding. Now, the sound quality is not of the caliber that would usually be required to make it onto the show, so fair warning. I have to admit that I had a hard time following the conversation myself. However, Greg got an interview from the Black Library Weekend and…well…we decided to put it up anyway.  We figured, if it gets that bad, you can always skip to the end of the show. If you don’t think it’s that bad, then you have a pretty cool 16 minutes with Laurie Goulding!

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