Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 13 – Austin, We Have a Problem – Adepticon Live Show

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 13.

In this episode we welcome Dev back to the show for our live recording at Adepticon, find out that Tequila fixes almost everything, and take another look behind the curtain when someone’s caught passing notes in school again.

We also experience a German invasion with Ben, Matt, and Raffa, share our drunken thoughts on Adepticon, and Tim rants and raves about the not-so-subtle differences between types of bacon.

In addition, Geeky Jean tries her hardest to get geeks to play outside, bacon returns to save Dev’s day, and Tim gets girl drink drunk and tries to destroy the show.

And finally, We also take a quick dip into Tim’s Sack for some sexy codewords but not before a visit from Todd. We find that like Candyman, if you say a listeners name three times they just might show up to haunt you.

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