Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 27: Dave Phones It In

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 27.

In this episode Dave decides to play it by ear when he makes a very loose last-minute outline, Lathan once again unleashes his inner Wolfman, and Katie invites our listeners to play a game before she comes to regret its very suggestive title.

Then we talk long distance with Joe about experiencing his very first hurricane, he learns that Gatorade isn’t Sun Drop, and we talk the Cult of the Carpet when he recaps his recent trip to Dragoncon.

Afterwards, Dave lets the crew spread their wings in a topic free for all, we go on a cosplay rant but end up exposing the Dark Knight, and Geeky Jean goes rogue and shows up early to discuss Halloween prep.

And finally, Review Roulette sits this one out when Katie takes a breather, Celebrity Deathmatch revisits a classic comic matchup but with an MCU twist, and we take a little hair of the dog when we try our best not the puke in Tim’s Sack.

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