Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 47: It’s About Damn Time!

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 47.

In this time twisted episode, we invite some variants to sit in for some of our missing crew, Mario returns and gets a whisky named after him, and Dev Skypes in only for us to find out exactly how he feels about using the Schwartz.

Then, a variant Geeky Jean goes back into the past and takes over a previous segment, we look to the future of a lot of upcoming MCU projects, and Future Dave shows up so much this episode that he risks being pruned by the TVA.

And finally, Shut Up and Take My Money gets tongue tied, Celebrity Deathmatch proves to be a somewhat Loki affair, and Tim’s Sack takes its sweet time with a lookback at some of our favorite movies.

Armorcast Terraform Terrain - Game Well, my friends

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