Anonymous Tabletop – Episode 59: Mayday! We’re Going Down!

by | May 21, 2023 | Anonymous Tabletop

Welcome to Anonymous Tabletop Episode 59.

In this very not safe for work episode, Tim takes another sick day and we give him all sorts of crap for it, Jean takes a trip down memory lane and ends up weasing the juice, and we take an impromptu trip to the bowels of Uranus.

Then, Lathan recaps his recent titillating trip to Exxxotica, we find out that Jean is quite the authority on leather and BDSM, and Dave thinks nothing really says romance like needing to throw a tarp down first.

And finally, Shut Up and Take My Money gets kinky and builds an Empire, Geeky Jean revisits Uranus, and Celebrity Deathmatch takes a moustache ride and ends up covered in Jello.

Oh, and don’t forget about Tim’s Sack. This one will likely ruin your childhood.. Sorry..

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