Cheated Fates Radio Podcast – Episode 6: Then There Were Three

Joe and Adam are back with a new episode. In this episode we talk about upcoming events and what we’ve been up to in a very open format. We introduce a new addition to the show, Arash Afghahi (@Arash_Suri). Our main topic is a little bit all over the place, but we do discuss what Arash is planning for NoVA and how well we expect him to do. We also spend a fair amount of time lamenting what we think needs a few changes in the game. And last but not least we weave in a few comments about the Wave 5 models/upgrades. Hope you enjoy and as always look forward to any feedback.


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Please excuse the slight audio change around the 21:10 mark we had a minor audio fix and it caused a change in some volumes. With that said, we hope you enjoy and remember when you don’t have time to cheat fate, listen to Cheated Fates Radio.

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