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Mantic Radio – Episode 14

Welcome back listeners after a bit of a hiatus.  Chopper is joined today by Ciarran Morris, IT developer and creator of the Dreadball World Rankings website and the lastest Deadzone Outbreak web portal.  Not only has Ciarran been working on web campaign content, he has helped with the development of the campaign rules and the Trident Realms Warband for Kings of War: Vanguard.

Mantic Radio – Episode 13

Alright folks!  Today, in a special episode of Mantic Radio, Chopper is joined with Rob Burman, Online Sales and Social Media guru for Mantic.  In this episode we talk about the origins of Rob as a gamer to how he got started at Mantic.  Later we buckle Rob down to give us the low down on the upcoming summer campaign for Kings of War: Edge of the Abyss.  Rob let’s some unit formation secrets out and what we can expect from using the Beasts of War portal to track the summer campaign.  Listen to hear all the juicy details!

Mantic Radio – Episode 12


Hello Mantic Radio, today Chopper sits with Martin Thirlwell, Global  Instore Play Manager.  They talk about what that means for stores and organized play as well as the summer campaign for Kings of War, Edge of the Abyss.  Sit back and enjoy!

Mantic Radio – Episode 11

In this episode of Mantic Radio, Chopper talks with Tim Colonna, a
Pathfinder in the North East region of the States.  Sit back and find out
what¹s happening in New England and where you can go to get some Mantic
time in.

Mantic Radio – Episode 10

Welcome to another episode of Mantic Radio. In this episode, your host Pat ‘Chopper’ Lewis is joined by Andy Meechan, Events and Organized Play Coordinator for Mantic Games.

Mantic Radio – Episode 9

Mantic Radio is BACK!  Sorry for the absence but a crashed Mac doesn’t record podcasts.  Today Chopper is joined by Matt Hobday, warehouse supervisor for Mantic as well as the author for Warpath: Firefight, the latest Sci-Fi war-game from Mantic.

Mantic Radio – Episode 8

In this episode of Mantic Radio, Chopper chats with Tyler Shultz from the Dreadpathzone to talk about all things Mantic.

Tyler’s Facebook and YouTube channels can be found by clicking the links.

Mantic Radio – Episode 7

In this episode of Mantic Radio, Chopper chats with Rob Phaneuf from the Counter Charge podcast about all things Kings of War.

More information about their podcast can be found at: Counter Charge

Mantic Radio – Episode 6

On this episode of Mantic Radio, Chopper sits and talks with Kris Kaspner, Midwest regional chair for the US Masters Circuit and organizer of the Lady of the Lady GT for Kings of War.  They talk about the state of the US Masters, upcoming International Campaign Day for Kings of War and how to get your wife to start playing miniature games. Tune in for that secret!

Mantic Radio – Episode 5


On this episode we talk to the Man himself, Mantic CEO Ronnie Renton, about all the rise of Mantic Games, and what the near future holds for the company and their game lines.

Mantic Radio – Episode 4


On this episode we talk to Coach from Family of Gamers 777.  With Deadzone the hot new item in stores, we discuss with Coach how his playtesting shaped the games direction and we get a little wisdom on how to use the Forge Fathers.

Mantic Radio – Episode 3

Welcome to episode 3 of Mantic Radio.  On this episode we welcome Rob and Jack aka Ron and Jake from Deadzone the Podcast.  We talk with the longtime friends about how they started in gaming, the podcasts and the process of turning the short stories in Containment Protocols, into audio books.  Sit back and enjoy the shenanigans.

Mantic Radio – Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of Mantic Radio!  This month join your host Chopper as we talk to Joe Neet, North American Trade Sales Manager for Mantic. We talk about Mantic’s plan for world domination via trade sales, Machu Picchu, Joe’s love for Ogres and discuss some Ogre lists and their strategies.  Sit back and enjoy Episode 2 of Mantic Radio.

Mantic Radio – Episode 1

The premiere episode for Mantic Radio on the Freebooters Network!  In this episode we introduce Matt Gilbert, the new COO for Mantic Games where we discuss Matt’s duties at Mantic as well as his hobbies, projects he’s working on and his contributions to Uncharted Empires and the upcoming Historical rulebook for Kings of War.

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